Team is a dedicated, friendly and intelligent bunch of individuals. Our management team and founders comprise of ex-Web based consultants who have a wide experience in advising and implementing Web based business solutions. All have accounting and business background coupled with a thorough understanding of how technology and corporate information can be used effectively within a business. Their complementary skills offer the Nasim Consulting team invaluable guidance, support and direction.

The consultants at Nasim Consulting do understand business issues. They have the ability to advise and clearly present solutions that tie into the customers strategy.

All Nasim consultants have many years expertise in working with the largest vendors of IT training. There experiences in real life implementations add value when it comes to classroom training.

Our customer friendly support staff awaits to offer the required support and services to the internal and external customers and form a back-bone to our strong team. The support team work closely with implementation and training consultants which enable them to have a thorough knowledge of the system and access to the people they will support once the system goes live. Their dedication, enthusiasm and customer interaction skills enable support calls to be resolved within the shortest period of time as possible.

Our consultants create confidence with the customer through the reliability and responsiveness whilst advising on all aspects of the customers needs.

We strongly believe that people are the most important resources to any organization. What good is a fantastic plan if it can't be implemented (by people of course)?

We constantly promote strong out-of-the-box thinking and set free the imaginations of our people.

In today's scenario, it's the idea that matters the most. Some may ridicule this by countering that ideas are dime a dozen. But we simply don't stop at ideas. It's our people that make these ideas happen.

Our strong team of industry and IT consultants make your ideas happen. If you have an idea for your business, our people will make it happen.