Application Services


Application Services

Custom Application Development
Nasim Consulting's business domain expertise and development methodology delivers cost-effective custom solutions to its customers.

Web Services
Nasim Consulting views web services as a huge step forward in application integration technology, which allows organizations to access valuable application services as well as information.

Service-oriented architectures (SOA) enabled by Internet platforms such as Web services will help link the electronic and physical worlds, moving enterprises toward virtualization and globalization, as the need for more ubiquitous and more flexible enterprise systems grows.

Nasim Consulting Web Services practice aids our client's information, data, business processes and application integration needs.

Content Management
Nasim Consulting provides content management solutions to deliver highly personalized content to customers, employees, and partners exactly the way they want it via web, wireless or print. Our solutions effectively manage all types of business content throughout its entire lifecycle from design, creation, and management through deployment and distribution.

Dual-Shore Development
This is how Gartner Inc. describes the offshore outsourcing of IT services. It's big, and there's no turning back. Everybody is either doing it, planning to do it, or should be doing it. In fact, at the Gartner Outsourcing Summit 2003, analysts predicted that shipping work offshore will be discussed in more than eight of every 10 U.S. executive boardrooms by next year, and more than 40% of U.S. firms will be sourcing IT services through a global delivery model within that same time frame.

Nasim Consulting's Global delivery Model has the Right Solution Strategy and Proven Execution, Strong Global Support Capability and it's Practical and Affordable.

We base our services on professionalism and believe in providing client with perfect match for what ever client trusts us with. "A compliment from a client is worth a million". Clients rely on our consultants to be uncompromising in their analytics and a source for ideas and insights. We approach problems from managerial perspectives and take into account the trade-offs that senior managers must make.

Our clients range from small software "niche" companies to large Fortune 500 companies.